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Vampires: The Occult Truth

by Konstantinos

As with many books published by Llewellyn, this one is an easy-to-read, almost condescendingly simple presentation of the author's theories about vampires as an occult phenomenon. Konstantinos divides vampires into four groups: immortal blood drinkers, mortal blood drinkers, intentional psychic vampires and unintentional psychic vampires, describing "evidence" for each category. He shares a couple of his experiences with what he feels were real cases of psychic vampirism and offers some ways to protect oneself from being psychically attacked. The real irony of this book is that Konstantinos ran magazine ads and received letters from 82 avowed real vampires, yet largely disregards this data in favor of a tissue of "scientific" occult theory. But reading Vampires: The Occult Truth will clue you in on where the authors of some of the real vampire pages on my links page get their ideas, especially on the four-way division of vampire types.

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